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本文摘要:A shortage of female workers in science and engineering has long posed an image problem for Silicon Valley. Now a one-time congressional candidate is trying to make a difference, starting with a summer training program in New York City.缺乏理工科女性是硅谷长时间以来的一个问题。

A shortage of female workers in science and engineering has long posed an image problem for Silicon Valley. Now a one-time congressional candidate is trying to make a difference, starting with a summer training program in New York City.缺乏理工科女性是硅谷长时间以来的一个问题。现在,一名国会候选人企图在纽约开办暑期培训课程转变这一现状。A new organization called Girls who Codeis starting an eight-week program in July for 20 high-school-age girls, who will learn how to build websites and mobile apps and start their own companies. There will also be workshops on topics such a financial literacy, computer science and robotics. The group said it has financial backing from companies including Google, eBay, General Electric and Twitter.一个取名为编程女生的新的组织将在七月份为20个高中年纪的女孩子开办八个星期的课程,在这个课程中,这些女孩子将不会学会怎么创建网站和移动应用于,甚至开办自己的公司。


Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and a former deputy public advocate in New York City, said the seeds for the program were planted during her unsuccessful 2010 run for U.S. Congress, when she was struck by tech inequalities.润丝曼·萨贾尼是编程女生的创办人,也是纽约公共宣传的月代理人。她说道,该计划的兴起是在2010年,她在美国国会上竞选告终,告终原因是科学界男女比例的不均衡。

Women are going to be left behind, Saujani said. Technology has the potential to create income inequity and we need to do something about it.女性就要落在后面了。萨贾尼说道。技术是导致收益不均衡的潜在力量,为此我们要做到点什么才讫。Cries of where are all the women? reverberate from Wall Street to politics and beyond, but the dearth of women is particularly stark in technology fields, where talent is held up as the quality that trumps historic barriers of sex, race or class. Despite many programs aimed at encouraging women in tech fields, fewer than 20% of undergraduate degrees in engineering or computing and information sciences were awarded to women in 2009, according to the National Center for Women Information Technology.女性在哪里?的呼喊声从华尔街蔓延到政坛甚至更加近,但技术领域的女性缺少问题特别是在相当严重。


Girls Who Code and other initiatives aimed at drawing more women to tech fields say the key is to get girls interested in science, engineering and computing when they are very young, and support them to pursue education in technology.编程女生和其他方案的目的都在于更有更加多女性转入技术领域,而更有的关键是让女性在小时候就对科学、工程和计算机产生兴趣,还要反对他们拒绝接受科技教育。If we want there to be more women who pursue careers in engineering and computer science and feel welcome in these fields, we have to work on ways to increase the number of women studying engineering - its that simple, wrote Sara Haider, a Twitter engineer, in a blog post Tuesday.如果要更加多女性专门从事工程和计算机技术工作,使她们在科技领域受到青睐,就必需想要办法减少自学工程技术的女性数量——就这么非常简单。

推特的工程师萨拉·海德周二在她的博客这样写到。Girls Who Code has the advantage of a high-profile founder, Saujani, the onetime hedge-fund attorney and former campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Saujani drew a spotlight during her campaign, which had the backing of tech and Wall Street luminaries such as Morgan Stanleys then-chairman John Mack and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.编程女生创始人是著名的萨贾尼,她曾是对冲基金代理人和希拉里的前任议会选举活动筹款人。

萨贾尼当时在希拉里的议会选举时引发过高潮,获得了科技界和华尔街杰出人物的反对,比如当时摩根史坦利投资公司的董事长约翰·马克和推特的牵头创始人杰克·多西。Saujani and Kristen Titus, executive director of Girls Who Code, said they focused on drawing participants from less affluent families. Saujani said she went to New York City public housing developments and asked tenants to identify girls who are excited about computers. Saujani said 70% of New York City public school students have had no access to computers in school.萨贾尼和编程女生的继续执行董事克里斯汀·托图斯回应他们着重于更有平民家庭的孩子过来参予计划。萨贾尼说道,她到过纽约的公共住宅区,从居民口中打听对计算机感兴趣的女孩子。萨贾尼说道,纽约70%公立学校的学生无法在学校用于计算机。

In addition to the eight weeks of workshops, participants in Girls Who Code also will be paired with female mentors in engineering roles at AppNexus, an advertising technology firm in New York, and other women entrepreneurs in New York City.除了这八周的课程,编程女生的参与者还不会跟纽约广告科技公司AppNexus的女性工程师和其他纽约的女企业家一起自学。Girls Who Code said it hopes to expand the program to other cities next year.编程女生回应,期望明年能把这个计划扩展到其他城市。